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Meet Our Intern! – With Kennedy Goode

My name is Kennedy Goode and I am a first-year student at UNC. I currently serve as an intern for the Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship. I am from Winston-Salem North Carolina, where my parents are both Entrepreneurs. They have a consulting business,Tate Consulting, where they provide leadership and personal development services to different companies and municipalities. My interest in entrepreneurship stems largely from watching them conduct their own business. I began interning for them during my freshman year of high school and I continued to do that for two more years. The summer of my senior year I had the pleasure of interning for Venture Café Winston Salem. Venture Café is a global non-profit that enhances the growth and innovation of Winston Salem through events and programming every Thursday night. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Venture Café because I was able to meet so many different types of people in my city who were looking to make the city better through their innovations. While at Venture Café I was able to work with amazing women who were all about the power of entrepreneurship and who understood that innovation is all around you. While at UNC I hope to major in Public Policy with a concentration in health or Health Policy and Management in the Gillings School of Public Health with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am very passionate about ensuring that everyone has access to healthy food and quality healthcare. It is through innovation and problem solving that I will be able to one day make a difference in this field. I am very excited about being able to work for the Shuford Program to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation.

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