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Complete your minor in entrepreneurship in one semester while participating in an internship with an innovative company!

The Shuford Program partners with Honors Carolina for an immersive entrepreneurship experience in London. Students will explore startup communities and ecosystems in London, focusing on Leading, Emerging, and Developing communities. The Shuford + Honors Semester on Entrepreneurship allows students to live and work in an iconic city while completing the Entrepreneurship minor.

Courses offered in this program represent the core of the Minor in Entrepreneurship. The seminar is open to students with a 3.0 GPA who have completed or are enrolled in the minor’s mandatory gateway course, ECON 125 (Introduction to Entrepreneurship), or with instructor permission.




January 7 – April 27, 2024

Eligibility: This seminar is open to UNC undergraduates (second-year status or greater) with a 3.0 GPA who have completed ECON 125 (or equivalent) or with instructor permission.

Program Dates: January 7 – April 27, 2024
Faculty Director: Jed Simmons, Minor in Entrepreneurship



How does funding work for Shuford Away? The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid can provide an estimated financial aid package to help you prepare financially for your program.

We encourage you to contact OSS as soon as possible with any questions about funding.

For more information and to apply, visit Honors Carolina.


  • When does the application open and close for the Shuford Away program?
    The application opens early in the Fall with a closing date of September 10. Check the website for more details.
  • Are there any other Shuford Away programs besides London?
    At this time, the only Shuford Away cohort is in London.
  • Can I apply to the program before I’ve finished Econ 125? 
    You can apply to the Shuford Away program if you have completed or are enrolled in Econ 125. You must have completed it with a grade of C or better.
  • Does completing the Shuford Away semester mean that I have completed the minor or are there additional courses I must take? 
    The Shuford Away program completes the minor.
  • Is the Shuford Away Internship paid?
    That depends on the internship you select. Some students have paid internships, others do not.
  • Does acceptance into the Shuford Away program mean acceptance to the entrepreneurship minor, or do I have to submit separate applications for both?
    Acceptance into Shuford Away also gives acceptance into the larger Shuford Program.