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June 20th – August 8th, 2024


Apply to the Program HERE by Wednesday, January 31st!

Apply for Shuford Summer Away Scholarships HERE by Monday, January 15th!


More information about the Shuford Summer Away can be found on the Study Abroad website.

Program Overview & Highlights


Join the Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship this summer in Prague! You will live, intern, and study in the exciting international city of Prague, Czech Republic, in partnership with CET Academic Programs which will provide onsite support. Internship placements will encourage you to use your entrepreneurial background to make significant contributions to your host company or organization and are available in a wide range of disciplines.

The UNC Shuford Entrepreneurship in Prague program encourages students to use their entrepreneurship studies background to make significant contributions at an internship placement with a local company or organization. Matched with placements arranged by our partner CET, students will complete non-credit internships over 5 ½ weeks while also learning to communicate, collaborate, and network in an international cultural context.

Alongside the internship, students will enroll in UNC’s ECON 393 course Practicum in Entrepreneurship, taught by the Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship’s Executive Director Bernard Bell over the first three weeks of the program. In addition to the 5 credits earned through the ECON 393 course, students earn 3 credits through a CET-offered course, Entrepreneurship in Europe – Case Study: The Czech Republic, taught over the course of the 7 weeks. Students will also take non-credit Survival Czech sessions.



  • 7 weeks in one of Europe’s hottest cities.
  • Complete a global internship.
  • Earn UNC credit while abroad.
  • On-site support from local partners.
  • Planned group excursions.
  • Free time to explore the local area with your classmates.



Students will earn 8 credit hours through 2 courses during Shuford Summer Away in Prague:

  • ECON 393: Practicum in Entrepreneurship (5 UNC graded credits)
    • Students should keep in mind that some final work for ECON 393 may take place during the following fall semester.
  • PR/IBUS 347: Entrepreneurship in Europe – Case Study: The Czech Republic (3 CET graded credits)

Students will also complete the required internship for the Entrepreneurship Minor within the Shuford Program. CET will arrange your internship placement with a local company or organization. Internships are offered in a range of industries; specific internship placements, types of organizations, or fields cannot be guaranteed and will be determined closer to program start.




This program is for UNC Entrepreneurship Minors, but other students (including non-UNC) will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Kenan-Flagler BSBA majors concentrating in entrepreneurship are also eligible to apply. Interested students should contact the Global Programs Office of the BSBA Program.

Students who have completed or are currently enrolled in ECON 325 are eligible to apply for Shuford Summer Away in Prague. ECON 325 is a prerequisite for ECON 393. If you have not taken ECON 325 and are interested in this program, please email Molly Matthews, Shuford Program Coordinator, at




More information on cost coming soon!


Financial Aid & Shuford Scholarships


How does funding for Shuford Summer Away in Prague work? The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid can provide an estimated financial aid package to help you prepare financially for your program. We encourage you to contact OSSA as soon as possible with any questions about funding. Scholarships are also available directly through the Study Abroad Office.

The Shuford Program also has scholarship funding available. The 2024 Shuford Summer Away in Prague Scholarship Application will be due by 11:59pm on Monday, January 15th. Scholarship decisions will be made and communicated prior to the Study Abroad application deadline, Wednesday, January 31st. Please note, this scholarship application is separate from the Study Abroad program application.

Apply for 2024 Shuford Summer Away in Prague Scholarships HERE.